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  • Sales and conversions of
    used shipping containers.

  • From 10ft to 40ft,
    we have space for you.


Our containers are stackable and can grow or shrink by adding or removing containers to suit the customer's need


Our company own its trucks and trailers ensuring the total
control of container delivery to our customer


We offer one-of-a-kind modified
container masterpiece done by our talented engineers and fabricators


TSP’s Containers are customizable, adaptable and portable for almost any space requirement. We have for sale a wide range of used 10ft/20ft/40ft containers which are appropriate for storage or accommodation as per the customers’ needs
Our containers are strong and durable as they are made up of corten steel (weathered steel-designed to eliminate the need for painting), secure and customizable which makes them the perfect solution to any space requirement
As people are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, they are looking to reduce their carbon foot-print. If a shipping container home build uses five standard shipping containers, around 17,500kg worth of steel will be recycled
The customers can easily create storage units that fit the needs of their businesses. Some of the customizable options are: • Overhead Doors • Shelving Units • Office Conversions • Partitions • Insulation

Services We Do

Delivery of Containers

.Assist you with the suitability of your site

Rental of Containers

.Capacity to Deliver on any Requirement

Conversions of Containers

.Reduce Impact on the Environment

Sales of Containers

.New Use, New Purpose

Container Specifications

Some ideas to help inspire imagination

At Home

  • Home extensions
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Swimming pools
  • Workshops
  • At Work

  • Offices
  • Retail Outlet
  • Transportable Medical centers
  • Training centers
  • Transportable factories
  • Renovation

  • School Buildings
  • Exhibition centers
  • Emergency Situations

  • Emergency shelters during extreme weather
  • Emeregncy Hospital in remote areas
  • Emergency Electricity Generators
  • Emergency Water Storage
  • Buidling and Outbuilding

  • Sheds - For storing equipment like mowers, gardening tools or weed trimmers
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    What we can do

    Additonal services

    • Flooring

      Plywood flooring is strong, durable and stable. It is easy to find and is suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions

    • Painting

      Original paint of shipping containers tend to crack as they have been exposed to the marine environment and painting it again makes it more attractive and also provides durability

    • Lighting

      We are capable of installing lights in and outside the container. Even the dullest of spaces can be improved by a well-considered lighting plan

    • Ventilation

      We provide with ventilation to keep our customers away from dampness, rust, condensation and mold

    • Air Conditioning

      We install air conditioners on customers' demand as it is a perfect way to regulate the temperature inside a shipping container

    • Mobile Roofs

      We also build mobile roofs to provide with a temporary cover over an area using our basic tools and designing skills

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